There are three reasons why you get next-level value with Target State's ongoing support.

  1. Once is enough: We’ve already taken the time to get to know your organisation, so you won’t need to repeat yourself.
  2. Manage change without the drama: We know that navigating change can be tricky and if not done well can cause avoidable conflict within your organisation. Our ongoing support means we can help you manage the transition into your new IT systems and processes.
  3. We work with your culture: We can tactfully embed into your team and respect your company culture and values, so we become a trusted part of your team rather than another distant expert.

What you’ll get from us:

  • long-term consistent support for your leaders and team on the ground.
  • confidence that you have the on-call backup you need to manage change
  • answers to questions and support for future projects
  • we can project-manage from start to finish, freeing up your people to work on their core roles
  • where appropriate, we can include and placate people that previously felt left out – boosting and reinforcing staff morale and engagement.

We can help you decide which outsourced role or service will be the most valuable, based on your most pressing needs.



Get specific advice to address your digital transformation challenges and opportunities.


Virtual Chief Technology Officer (VCTO).

We can help your business stay competitive and sustainable by keeping pace with the latest technological advances. We can talk to your stakeholders – your customers, investors and potential vendors.


Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO).

We can oversee the information technology needs of your company with a focus on service analysis, data security, market reach and more.


Virtual Chief Operations Officer (VCOO).

A senior executive position, we can oversee the day-to-day admin and operations of your business.


"One of Ant's strengths is relating to owners in a visionary sense and talking to people who are on the ground...[Ant has a] wide understanding of different systems, processes and applications and can articulate where we're going and what the possibilities are...working with Ant has changed the way we make decisions about IT structures and support systems."

Felicity Hopkins, Director - Research Review

We hired Ant to support us with an important project after he was highly recommended by colleagues. Ant was responsive, speedy, super-helpful and helped us to make key decisions. We appreciated his broad experience, and his ability to hold a high level strategic view alongside expert advice on details. We will definitely be consulting with Ant again and are happy to recommend him.

Gaynor Parkin, CEO at Umbrella Wellbring

"We don’t need a full-time CTO [chief technology officer]. Ant knows enough about our business he can deliver it virtually. He can translate things for us. During project management, Ant came into his own... Ant gets his head round your business and [took his time] understanding our context. He was really clear about pausing on investment into the app...Ant's inquisitive, curious and approachable - he's very easy to work with."

Gus McIntosh, Chief Executive - Winsborough

"Ant was really quick to understand the business model and our processes and IT structures."

James Armstrong, Director - MediData

"Ant helped us at the early stages of Aerotruth helping us to plan our technical infrastructure and ensure we built a product that would scale. Ant was great to work with and we really valued his support and contribution to Aerotruth"

Bryce Currie, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer - Aerotruth

"No question has ever been too silly. Ant's been accommodating and helped me understand. I've valued that he understands the charitable sector really well. He can look through the experience that he has with larger organisations and what's the reality for a small and mighty charity where you don't have teams of people that can come in and project manage an IT project"

Nicola Keen-Biggelar, Chief Executive Drowning Prevention Auckland